Other Animals and Services

Pet Sitting from £7.50
If you have to work late, or for those occasions when you need to work away, or want to go on holiday, we can care for your livestock, small animals and cats. We can spend time at your home so that your animals are in their familiar surroundings and do not become unsettled, keep them fed, watered, cleaned out, give them attention and exercise. While we are at your property we can do little jobs that make a difference, making your property look lived in.
A visit to check your cat/s or other small animals, give human companionship, change feed, water, and litter tray as required.
1st visit per day is £7.50 subsequent visits the same day are £5.50.
2 felines or other animals at the same home included.
Additional furry animals at the same home £2 per visit.

House Sitting from £40.00

If you are away and would like us to hold the fort, we can house sit for you to give you peace of mind and care for your animals. If you are thinking of House Sitting so your pet can stay in their own home please call us to arrange this several months in advance as the House Sitting  has limited availability.

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